Triple Bottom Line: Integrated Solutions for Your World


Verde Gold Holdings International LLC (Verde Gold) headquartered in Maryland, is a business development, consulting and investment holding company. In addition to helping launch and expand small businesses and non profit organizations, Verde Gold also provides public and private sector clients innovative and sustainable solutions in infrastructure development, renewable energy systems, information and communications technology, and smart networking systems. In some instances, Verde Gold retains equity in projects for its shareholders and investors. 
Verde Gold's principals have been actively involved in these areas for over 70 years cumulatively. Through various subsidiaries and partnerships, Verde Gold provides consulting and contracting services in the following fields: business consulting and development; construction; financial and funding strategies; IT development; telecommunications; community development; and infrastructure, with key focus on utilizing, when appropriate, green, LEED resources such as solar, atmospheric water, bio-sewer, and alternative building panels.  Building technologies employed insure superior rigidity and strength to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes of significant magnitude and force.

Verde Gold is also committed to maximizing the use of local labor and sourcing materials from local companies where and when possible.  This is reflective of Verde Gold's commitment to the transfer of technology, support of local and regional economies where engaged, and a principle of having a positive, long term impact on the place of engagement that goes beyond the specifics of the project.  In basic terms, Verde Gold is committed to leaving the country richer than the condition in which we find it. 

Verde Gold's mission focuses on a triple bottom line, fundamental pillars that emphasize profits, people and the planet.  The company uses principles of sustainability, integrity and transparency as guidelines in all of its work. Verde Gold is committed to doing great work that benefits specific communities we serve while remaining accountable to our investors' and partners' interests.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.